Media Research Hub is a single-source media and consumer research that helps businesses increase their understanding of specific audiences in terms of their media consumption and media preferences, shopping habits and lifestyle statements. The research data is available through an easy to navigate, subscription-based online platform, or through made-to-order media reports. 

Every 3 months (i.e. 4 times per calendar year) we survey 1 000 people aged 16-74 to find out the media they use, their shopping habits and their general outlook on life, media and advertising. The data is national representative of the online population in Bulgaria in terms of age, gender and geographical area. 

For the survey design and data collection we partner with Talk Group – a full-service fieldwork provider of high-quality market research panels and connected digital data collection.

All data quality checks and data weightings are provided by Talk in accordance with ESOMAR guidelines. Talk stands for highest data quality, innovative panel management technologies, as well as full compliance with the data protection requirements of the GDPR, guaranteed by the highest security standards in IT and project management and confirmed by the ISO 20252 certification.

Our data represents internet users in Bulgaria aged 16-74. We aim to have a completely fresh (unduplicated) sample of 1 000 people for every 4 waves. The data pool we present to the market comprises of the last 4 waves of the survey, equal to a sample of 4 000 unique people representing a population of 3 882 329 Bulgarians.

Media Research Hub offers a fixed monthly price per account for access to our web-based research platform. You have the flexibility to purchase the number of accounts that best align with your business requirements. These accounts are available for a minimum subscription period of 1 calendar year (12 months). Please reach out to us for a customized quote.

To initiate your subscription, please contact us with the number of accounts your business needs. After accepting our business and payment terms, you will receive a detailed email containing instructions on how to activate your profile(s).

Absolutely! In case you don’t plan to use the platform regularly but still require some insights from our research, you can purchase tailored report. Please get in touch with us to discuss the specific contents of your report. Pricing and turnaround time depend on the volume of data and the complexity of the analysis. 

Our platform allows you to view and analyze our research data on the following topics:

  • General media consumption (media last used, time-slots for media usage, media used for topics of interest, media devices used)
  • Media channels used in the last week, including data for over 400 Bulgarian and international media channels.
  • Shopping and lifestyle data (who does the groceries shopping at home, online shopping frequency, payment methods, frequency of shopping for various categories, online vs offline shopping for various categories, lifestyle statements, travel means and frequency, driving license data).

Our research covers more than 400 Bulgarian and international media channels, including regional media:

  • TV Channels
  • Websites
  • Social & Communication Platforms
  • Video & Streaming Services
  • Radio Stations
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor

Absolutely, you can. Media Research Hub's primary objective is to facilitate media mix modeling and media planning. Consequently, you'll have the option to analyze data across all media channels collectively to determine the most effective media and channel combination for your target audience.

Also in the section Media Channels, you will also filter by Media Groups:

  • When choosing "SELECT ALL CHANNELS (incl. Media Groups)" button, you have the option to utilize a filter for the charts called "MEDIA GROUPS"
  • The filter is active ONLY after selecting the "SELECT ALL CHANNELS" button
  • This information is accessible in the table data format below as a column
  • Using the filter does not restrict the selection of additional media channels
  • The INDOOR and OUTDOOR sections do not include information about media groups, and they are not automatically activated when choosing the "SELECT ALL CHANNELS” button. You can add them additionally.

In your Media Research Hub account, you have the flexibility to define your own target groups. These groups can be formed based on demographic criteria such as age, gender, geographic location within Bulgaria, presence of children in the household, educational background, employment status, personal income, and more. To ensure reliable results, we've set a minimum requirement of 100 respondents for any target group on the platform.

The data in the platforms shows reach - as number of people from the selected target group and as % from the selected target group. For the media channels data is presented in terms of weekly reach (in % and in number of people) and affinity index.

The data is shown in both graphic and table formats. 

Media Research Hub updates the data every 3 months. We incorporate the most recent data from the latest research wave while removing the oldest wave's data. This ensures that you always work with data from four waves of the survey, comprising 4,000 unique respondents and covering a full calendar year.

Yes, you have the option to download the data in a tabular format as an *.xlsx file. 

Yes, you are permitted to present or share data from Media Research Hub, provided that you adhere to these fundamental guidelines:

  • Always provide precise reference to the data source, including:  
    • Media Research Hub as source
    • Report period
    • Target Group
    • Research question quote
  • Do not make any modifications or alterations to the data that would change the survey results' meaning.
  • Do not combine or integrate the data from Media Research Hub with data from other research sources.

Media Research Hub's platform is a web-based app and can be accessed on computers or tablets. Due to the platform's complexity and the nature of the data it presents, it is not compatible with mobile phones. (In other words, you won't be able to use the platform on your mobile phone.)

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